Etekcity Infrared Thermometer 774 Manual Instructions

User Guide And Manual For Etekcity Infrared Thermometer 774 with instructions.

Before using the gadget, make sure the battery is properly installed. Battery compartment lies in the handle of the Etekcity thermometer. Open the compartment and insert a DC 9V battery. Make sure the positive and negative ends of the battery are connected to respective poles. Again put on the battery compartment lid and now you are ready to use it.

Manual for General Use

After installing the battery, press the measurement button on the gadget, it will activate the gadget. Now, point the thermometer towards the object like a gun. After a long press, it will measure the temperature of the object. 

If you want to scan the surface temperature of the whole object, keep moving the laser point of the gun towards any direction, while the button is still pressed. This will measure live temperature.

Now release the button, you will see some readings on the display.

There is a button having C/F written on it. Pressing it will change the unit of measuring temperature. I.e Celsius or Fahrenheit whatever seems okay to you.

Laser beam is good to aim at the object for measuring its temperature. If you want to turn it off press the pointer button, it will turn on/off upon each respective click.

It can also be used for the measurement of temperature of stove, just focus the beam on the iron box of the woodn stove and press button, this is why can also be used an an option for thermometer for wood stove.

Note: When the measured temperature is above the upper range of measurement of gadget, display will show “Hi”, on the contrary when temperature is too low for the range of gadget the display will show “Lo”. 

Instructions you must keep in mind while using infrared thermometer

1- Don’t point the laser into the eyes of another person or animal, it’s very much harmful for vision.

2- Don’t point it towards aircraft or automobiles, they might misinterpret your device.

3- Keep it away from the reach of children, as it is a battery run device plus based on infrared rays.

4- Dispose off properly, don’t ever tamper it or open it on your own.

5- Lens should not be touched with a hand or any object, for cleaning purposes use a soft built cloth.

6- Keep the exposure of the device for the minimum possible time.

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