What Liquid is in a thermometer | Mercury or Ethanol

The liquid in the thermometer can be  1- Mercury 2- Ethanol/Alcohol 1- Mercury: it’s silver in color. It is used at room temperature. The bulb is formed at the end of the thermometer which constitutes the largest part of mercury. The expansion and contraction of this mercury size are then further increased in the thin … Read more

ihealth Non Contact Thermometer Review | Manual & Instructions

User Guide For ihealth Non-contact, forehead,  Infrared Thermometer with manual and instructions. It’s been quite normal to have various covid waves in a year. As of now the world has experienced 5 to 6 peaks, depending upon different regions. Keeping in mind that, the thermometer is the key gadget in any setup. Among the options … Read more

Best Forehead non contact Thermometer for Nurses 2022

Table of Contents Nurses being the integral part of our health system, need to be equipped with all the good gadgets. Monitoring patient’s vitals is one of the major parts of their role on the hospital floor. While monitoring the vitals, all the staff nurses needed to have quick and efficient gadgets, including thermometers. Thermometers … Read more

How to Shake Down a Mercury Thermometer | Easy Way

Mercury thermometers are no more a running gadget in well equipped hospitals. Still a lot of people are having it at their homes for regular use in their family. These types of thermometers are now replaced with digital ones, which are easy to read and use as well. There is a specific way of using … Read more

Best Rectal Thermometer Reviews Guide for Infants 2022

Table of Contents Among the different types of thermometer, rectal is one of the choices for infants below 1 year. While few recommendations are also to use a rectal thermometer for children below 3 years. In order to measure the temperature of the body, different sites are favourable like mouth, armpits, forehead and rectum.  Rectal … Read more

Etekcity Infrared Thermometer 774 Manual Instructions

User Guide And Manual For Etekcity Infrared Thermometer 774 with instructions. Before using the gadget, make sure the battery is properly installed. Battery compartment lies in the handle of the Etekcity thermometer. Open the compartment and insert a DC 9V battery. Make sure the positive and negative ends of the battery are connected to respective … Read more