Non Contact Forehead Berrcom Infrared Thermometer Manual Instructions

If you are looking for an accurate and reliable infrared thermometer, then the Berrcom JXB-178 is a great option. This forehead thermometer can be used on adults and children, and it is quick and easy to use. Simply place the thermometer on the forehead and press the button. The device will then take a reading and display the temperature on the LCD screen. The Berrcom JXB-178 is a great choice for those who need an infrared thermometer for home use or for taking temperatures when out and about.

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Brief Features

-Non-contact infrared technology

-Safe and easy to use

-Quick and accurate readings

-Large LCD display

-Fever alarm

-Memory function

-Auto power off

– Celsius or Fahrenheit options

Diversity and Versatility 

The main difference between the Berrcom JXB-178 and other forehead thermometers is that it uses non-contact infrared technology. This means that the thermometer does not have to touch the skin to take a reading, which makes it more convenient and easy to use. Additionally, the Berrcom JXB-178 has a large LCD display, a fever alarm, and a memory function. It also features celsius or fahrenheit options, and it will automatically power off when not in use.

How to use it

1. Wash your hands and disinfect the thermometer before use.

2. Place the thermometer on the forehead, making sure that it is touching the skin.

3. Press the button to turn on the device.

4. The thermometer will take a reading and display the temperature on the LCD screen.

5. Disinfect the thermometer after each use.


Accurate and reliable,

Quick and easy to use,

Large LCD display,

Fever alarm,

Memory function,

Auto power off.


Some users find the forehead thermometer difficult to hold in place.

Product Care Tips

To keep your Berrcom JXB-178 in good condition, please follow these instructions:

-Wash your hands and disinfect the thermometer before each use.

-After each use, disinfect the thermometer with alcohol or soapy water.

-Do not store the thermometer in a hot or humid environment.

-Keep out of reach of children.

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