Taylor Oven thermometer Manual and Instructions

This analogue thermometer is meant for oven and grill use. This can be utilized to measure the temperature of a wood stove as well. Look at the dial and see which version of the Taylor analogue thermometer you have. Different thermometers come with different ranges so see what range is being covered by the thermometer.

Manual for General Use

The dial will start rising from zero. Within seconds, the dial will touch the recording point of temperature. The point where it stays becomes the point of temperature. Meanwhile you can adjust the fuel and can see if temperature rise is required or not. That all depends upon your way of use.

It comes with a tether tying spot. Tie a rope, string or some tether and place it over the measuring site. You can hold it with your hand if the temperature is not too much. But this practice should be avoided if you are new to this. Taylor analogue is also listed among the best stove thermometer and it can have multiple usage purpose as well.

Note: External coating is anti germs, this is certified by NSF. So feel free to use it for cooking items. This doesn’t harm the hygiene of your food being cooked.

Instructions you must keep in mind while using oven / Stove thermometer

1- Make sure the temperature of the surface is not damaging will mounting the gadget on it. Or do extra care for mounting it on if temperature is already raised.

2- While picking it again, use oven gloves or pull it with the string if attached while installing.

3- Must know the range of gadget while measuring temperature. Temperature range requirement for wood stove is more than 600F, while lesser for grill and meat cooking purpose.

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