ihealth Non Contact Thermometer Review | Manual & Instructions

User Guide For ihealth Non-contact, forehead,  Infrared Thermometer with manual and instructions.

It’s been quite normal to have various covid waves in a year. As of now the world has experienced 5 to 6 peaks, depending upon different regions. Keeping in mind that, the thermometer is the key gadget in any setup. Among the options of thermometers, non contact thermometers get priority due to social distancing SOPs and infectious control purpose.

Ihealth forehead thermometer

Ihealth is based on infrared technology to record the reflected temperature from forehead skin.Sensor picks it up and measures with the algorithm to give reading on the screen.

We ranked it on the top for best forehead thermometer for nurses. The reason is obvious, that is easy use, efficient device, good battery backup and no contact technology.

It does not have any sort of inbuilt beep system while taking recordings. This feature is sometimes demanded by the users. Whereas when you are in hospital setup and you are a health care system provider, then you have to frequently check on the measurements, in such case beep becomes sort of irritating. 

Though, it does have an inbuilt vibration system, which vibrates the device while taking readings. 

Note: Incase screen is not being displayed while pressing the button, do check on batteries.

Precuations you must keep in mind while using infrared thermometer

  1. Make sure there is no sweat, oil or cream on the skin while recording.

    Avoid usage in strong electromagnetic influence like near ovens or mobile phones etc.

    On repeat measurement of readings, it might fluctuate a bit, keep it off for a few minutes then.

    In such a case, try to swab the sensor side of the thermometer.


Cost effective

Inbuilt vibration 

Efficient and accurate


Sometimes vibrations may be missed.

Subjects have to stay still while recording. In uncooperative individuals, like the shaky forehead of irritating infants, it doesn’t give good readings.

Manual and instructions

It has an LED screen and main operating button on one side, while temperature sensor, proximity sensor and battery on the other side.

The LED screen will show the temperature recording, along with a temperature unit that is celsius and fahrenheit. There will be a small battery icon on the screen as well, showing remaining battery power.

Try to point it at the center of the subject’s forehead, not far than 3 cm.

We listed ihealth infrared thermometer as number one in the list of best forehead thermometer for nurses.

Unit selection mode

Press and hold the main operating button for a few seconds, you will enter into unit selection mode. Now pressing the main button again will switch the celsius and fahrenheit alternately. Choose the one you want to operate it upon.

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