Zoo Med Reptitemp Digital Infrared thermometer for reptiles Manual Instructions

Zoo Med’s Digital Infrared Thermometer is the perfect tool for keeping track of your reptile’s temperature. This infrared emitter has two modes – digital and analog which allows you to easily view both high and low readings on an easy-to read display, without having any hassle with cords getting in front or behind their enclosure while checking upclose! The thermometers sleek design makes it perfect when placed either sitting upright next time monitorize heat sources near ones self so they know what type if animal(s) may be experiencing illness due to poor environmental conditions.

Here is about Dual Laser klein Infrared Thermometer Manual Instructions and review.

Brief Features

– quick and easy temperature readings in both digital and analog display

– ideal for monitoring reptile heat sources without having to open their enclosure

– can be placed upright or near the floor

– large, easy-to-read display

– battery operated (included)

Product Dimensions: 4.5 x 2.8 x 1

How to use it

1. To take a reading, simply point the thermometer at the object or area you wish to measure and press the power button.

2. The display will show the current temperature in either digital or analog format, depending on which mode you have selected.

3. To switch between modes, press the mode button on the side


– quick and easy to use

– accurate readings

– digital and analog display

– battery operated


– None identified so far

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