If a thermometer indicates 30 degrees Celsius, what is the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit?

Start by taking a number in Celsius and multiplying by 9. Then divide that number by 5 and add 32. This is how the Celsius is converted into Fahrenheit or use the equation

F= (9/5) C + 32


In this case, the answer will be 82-degree Fahrenheit.

How to convert temperatures?

By using these two formulas we can convert our temperature units from C to F and F to C.

F= 9/5 x C+32

C= 5/9 x F-32

Different temperature scales

In Celsius, there is a hundred-factor difference between Freezing 0 stages and boiling 100 levels. In Fahrenheit there’s a one hundred eighty factor difference, freezing 32 levels and boiling 212 degrees. So each 1 unit of Celsius equals 1.8 ranges Fahrenheit.

Here is how you can change setting from Fahrenheit to Celsius in safety 1st thermometers before checking on temperature.

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