How to Shake Down a Mercury Thermometer | Easy Way

Mercury thermometers are no more a running gadget in well equipped hospitals. Still a lot of people are having it at their homes for regular use in their family. These types of thermometers are now replaced with digital ones, which are easy to read and use as well.

There is a specific way of using mercury thermometer, like you have to keep it in your armpit for one minute and then pull it out and have a look at it while rotating it, to have a clear view of mercury shadow.

Why do we need to shake it down before using

One of the issues you can come across is mercury being scattered throughout the tube. Mercury should be concentrated in the bulb for its actual effectivity.


mercury thermometer usage

Follow these steps to shake the mercury thermometer in the right way.

1- Look around the surrounding

Beware of your surroundings before giving it a shake, you might jerk off the nearby object without knowing the range of motion of your arm. So make sure the surroundings are clear, at least in your range of motion.

2- Pick it up from the other end

Just pick the thermometer from the other end of the thermometer, not from the bulb side. Try to pinch it from as corner as possible.

3- Whip it now

Strike it down, first slowly and then with speed. Done be jerky in your motion, make it as smooth as possible. Striking it down once might not work, so do it 4 or 5 times and then stop smoothly.

4- Confirm if it worked

Now read the thermometer in front of your eyes, It should be below 94 Fahrenheit level for maximum efficacy.

Learn about the liquid type in a thermometer which may be mercury or ethanol.

If you are new to mercury thermometer, this might irritate you for some time. Make it a habit every time you use this for reading and you will get hold of it.

Get rid of all the hectic steps and buy modern type thermometers like rectal thermometers which are best suitable for infants and children.

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