Where to Place Magnetic Wood Stove Thermometer While Burning

magnetic stove thermometer placement

Single wall wood stoves are magnetized thermometers. They are of two types

  1. A stove wall thermometer.
  2. A stove pipe thermometer.

The stove wall thermometer should be attached 18 inches top of the stove. If it is placed near the burner the readings would be slightly higher. A stove thermometer is placed on the top of the stove and the magnet ensures it maintains a good connection.

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A stove pipe thermometer sticks to the stove pipe via magnet and reads the temperature of the air passing through the pipe. Install it approximately 12 inches above the stovetop. Do not place the thermometer to read the stove pipe temperature on the top of the stove. The air that enters the pipe is always cooler than the air around the burning fuel. It has an analog display, the airflow is the common culprit. Woodstove thermometers typically have an analog show, which means you will want to study the placement of the arm to pick out the fireplace’s temperature. They also tend to expose each Fahrenheit and Celsius unit, so take care to have a look at the correct set of numbers based totally on your personal preferences.

When analyzing from a range top thermometer, you will want to see the arm remaining inside the four hundred to 650 levels Fahrenheit variety. When analyzing a stove pipe floor thermometer, the top-rated temperature range is 230 to 475 ranges Fahrenheit. Temperature readings in those stages suggest that the fuel is burning efficiently.

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If the temperature drops under the top-of-the-line variety, the fireplace isn’t always burning hot sufficient.

  • Place one of the magnetic thermometers on the metal flue of the woodstove.
  • Attach the magnetic base of the second thermometer on either the top of the stove or on the top of the metal firebox.
  • Light the fire in the stove and observe the readings in the dialing phase.

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