Best Rectal Thermometer Reviews Guide for Infants 2024

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Among the different types of thermometer, rectal is one of the choices for infants below 1 year. While few recommendations are also to use a rectal thermometer for children below 3 years. In order to measure the temperature of the body, different sites are favourable like mouth, armpits, forehead and rectum. 

rectal thermometer reviews
Rectal Thermo

In measuring temperature, the pore closer to the inner body will give accurate reading. Like if you are measuring temperature under the armpit, add 1 degree into it to have the best idea about the inner body temperature. Oral or rectal temperature gives closer reading, provided you are doing it in the right way. 

As mentioned above, different sites for measuring temperature, the rectal method suits most infants. As they can’t hold the thermometer into their mouth. So learn the method and always measure the rectal temperature for infants.

1- FridaBaby Rectal Thermometer

Fridaybaby thermometer comes with a flexible tip, with very much ease of insertion. This gadget records the temperature close to accuracy.Parent proof stopper is said to be included into it, that means you will get to know to what extent it should go into the rectum. Keep it in for like 10 seconds and it will give a beep, read the temperature and act accordingly.

It comes ready to use, with a battery pre installed into it. Just press the button and you are on the go. The recommended instruction is to wait for a minute before going for next recordings.

Cleanse it with warm soapy water, that is enough. Don’t ever put it in dishwasher or hot water as it will damage the gadget.



2- American red Cross Multi use rectal thermometer

This is the multipurpose thermometer, and can be used for different sites of the body accordingly. Use it under the armpit, oral or rectally. Whatever suits you well. Sterilize it all the time after using it. Besides, swap the alcohol on the tip before using it again.

Use the American red cross thermometer according to the indication. Like if you are using it on the baby, consider it a rectal thermometer. While for adults, you can use it under the armpit or orally.



3- Safety 1st Rapid Read 3-In-1 Thermometer

Multipurpose thermometers are the one which adapt as the child grows older, Initially use it as a rectal thermometer and then switch on to other sites as reasonable.

For the purpose of rectal use, it has got flexible tips and covers as well.

Safety 1st has been the good choice for the parents as it has good response time for measuring temperature and between recordings as well.



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