Best Thermometer for Yogurt Making Review 2024

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It was an interesting lesson taught in the schools in which we got to know that there is some sort of bacterial activity that converts our milk into yogurt.

Yogurt making recipe includes the heating of the milk to certain temperature and then cooling it down to another temperature. This all should be monitored with such an instrument which should be instant and reliable as well, this is why we listing for you the best thermometers in terms of its applicability for yogurt making with little reviews, so you have some ease in choosing between them.

Briefly study the pros and cons of each thermometer before labelling it best for your yogurt making process.

yogurt making thermometer
Yogurt making thermometer

Reason behind the proper temperature recording.

First of all the ultra heat is given to kill all the bacteria including good or bad ones. After cooling to certain temperature, some preformed yogurt is added into it. This will add up all the good bacteria that we needed. Now bacteria will be allowed to replicate and ferment all milk into yogurt.

Instant and reliable thermometer for making good yogurt and other food items can be multi functional and much needed kitchen item. This not only limits its use in yogurt making, also in other cooking stuff like meat and baking items. That is why one should go for the best thermometer for making yogurt at home.

There is a lot more than hundred thermometer suggestions over the internet, what we have chosen are among the best reviewed thermometers for yogurt. Compare them and then buy the one best for your routine use.

Go for the specific thermometers as we have reviewed them separately.

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1. Instant Read Digital Thermometer by Cave tools

Besides a wide temperature range, this thermometer is designed to measure real time temperature while cooking. Connect it to the pot and heat the utensil, you will the instant read digital thermometer go up with its reading.

It comes with a nicely packed storage and clips to be hanged with the pot or the pocket.


The accuracy is very much claimed, that is good to be proven as it is. Lifetime warranty claim option attracts the costumer a lot, that is the reason behind all the claims.

Gives reading within seconds, while one can calibrate for different cooking options may be needed.



2- Marsno Digital

Meat Thermometer

Another versatile and effective thermometer is being offered by the Marsno. Open up the seal and the box and use it without much calibration headache. All you need is the prob put into the curd and measure the temperature.

It is having a long probe which makes it of much more diverse use. As like you don’t have any dear of your hands being flamed. Thats why it is also used for grill and barbecue party as well.


Rinse it right in the kitchen sink, as it is also a waterproof instrument that comes very much handy.



3. POWLAKEN Food Thermometer

Offering accuracy of +/- one degree, Powlaken also offers ultra fast reading measurement, competing first two thermometers.

Wide backlit display makes it visible from very distance, so dip it down and note the recording very easily. Easy handling and utilization makes it a versatile tool to have in kitchen. Whether its the yogurt or other meat related dish, carry the Powlaken amagaram thermometer for multiple use.



4. ThermoPro Digital Read Thermometer

This thermometer will not flick the reading, rather locks the recording that is measured on spot.

The extra long prob of more than 5 inches gives it another edge, so the heat or flame is quiet a distance from your handle. Use it for shallow and deep temperature recording, it will read with same sensitivity.

Wide temperature diversity makes it very much effective for all sort of cooking needs, it can go from -minus 50 to 300 Celsius, which means a lot. While easy switching is possible between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Though a good choice among the cheap thermometers, yet its not recommended to be rinsed, cause of its not waterproof warranty.

Other than that, storage and accuracy is not compromised, even proved good as compared to the rest.



5. Deiss PRO Thermometer - Ultra Pro for yogurt making

This too comes under the category of best thermometer for yogurt making as it has proved itself for many reasons.

Foldable 4.5 inches probe that can go in any direction, is also very much accurate and efficient.

It do have got IP67 certification, which means its a waterproof product and you don’t have to care while rinsing it in your kitchen sink.

It is being used for many other general usage in the kitchen, example is steaks, cooking grill and meat and all that you require.

Though a meat thermometer, it can be used for making yogurt as well. This query is also explained well later on. Convenient handling makes it a handy tool, while quick reading measurement makes it be among the top most list of thermometers.



6. Fenvella Meat Thermometer

Its a multi tasking thermometer which can be utilized for many kitchen work. There is a lot of stuff in cooking which needs a proper temperature control. This provides the best use among other choice.

Being very much handy makes it a choice, besides, during cooking sometimes one mishandles it in terms of contaminated hands. No need to worry in such cases. You can easily rinse it with water. This is a water proof gadget that can be applied roughly, so you can clean it later on.

Fast reading measurement is such so evident, is proved by the users as well. All you need is the proper calibration, once you do it, it will give ultra fast and accurate readings any time. Give a read to the manual for the calibration work up.

Additional features are the foldable probe and bottle opener functionality, which makes it more lovely to have in kitchen gadget list to buy. So while making yogurt, you can also use this thermometer for other kitchen items as well.



7. Thermaque Digital Candy Thermometer

Its 12 inches long probe works as a stirrer as well. So measure the temperature while stirring the item for cooking. It gives accurate readings to wide range of temperature like minus 22 Fahrenheit to above 600.

Get the quick readings and store maximum of it during the recipe making.

Make the best yogurt recipe  with the handy tool, while it is also be used for making different baking and other items in kitchen like chocolate, soups, ice cream and sauces.



8. Euro Cuisine Thermometer - Good Choice for yogurt recipe

Making yogurt is been very much easier now with the modern day thermometers. Just have it in your pocket with ultra accuracy and use it any time to scale the temperature of the milk.

It comes with the clip, so hang it with the container and see the temperature over the display.

Its use is restricted to yogurt making as it ranges from 60 to 220 Fahrenheit reading. For other kitchen stuff you have to look for other tool. While it is recommended for those you want to specialize just in yogurt making recipe.



9. Pen Shaped Digital Cooking Thermometer by kitchenquake

Another durable thermometer with nicely little designed having lengthy probe for the deeper temperature measurement within a pot. Don get yourself burn or be limited to shallow readings. With this thermometer get accurate recordings to the length of over 5 inches.

It has a good accuracy and range of measurement. Ranging from minus 58 to 572 Fahrenheit, it has good accuracy till the extremes of this range.

Easily switching between the Celsius and Fahrenheit offers the ease for the user to have readings in whatever scale he is comfortable with. Get the best taste of yogurt while dipping the pen nip of thermometer into the container.

How to choose the best for Yogurt making


Accuracy is utmost thing you should see in a new thermometer. A thermometer offering one or two degrees of accuracy is considered for the purpose of yogurt making, while if you see thermometer with wide range of accuracy, you should re think before finalizing it.

Probe Length:

Probe length is under estimated by the users. Though it has a lot of application. A long probe is very much handy, can be used in deep utensils and saves you from the heat of the flames.

The down side of the long probe is, it look weird if you are a design conscious, while it may sometime not fit in to your pocket, and some thermometers even don’t fit into kitchen drawers.

Durability and Performance.

Warranty being offered somehow indicates the durability and working efficiency of a thermometer. Many thermometers come with waterproof claim, those can be used for long time. One can easily rinse them, so durability is enhanced a lot.


Multi functional thermometers which are meant for yogurt and other recipes as well deserve your money. While thermometers with narrow range, or having one or more short coming in terms of probe or durability needs not your money to be spent at.


Warranty being offered is also a sign that the company believes in its product. So longer the warranty being offered, more is its value.

Is there any difference with the yogurt made through proper thermometer usage?

Moms don’t want to spend money on such an item as they are very known to the temperature range of milk. So they don’t feel the need of it. What makes these tools an essential part of cooking item is, it can be multi functional. You may use thermometers meant for yogurt for other recipes too, like chocolate, baking, grill and many other stuff.

While, temperature measurement makes sure you did followed the recipe right, so any distaste can be attributed to other factors like milk quality or prior yogurt quality issue. That is good for exclusion of the temperature factor for it.

It also saves time and energy too. One may go extra mile to have over heating to make sure that it is heated to the level well if one does not carry the thermometer. So having it saves a lot.

Making yogurt in bulk quantity also needs proper follow of the recipe, so don’t go blind with the material. Do have a thermometer with you and enjoy the meal.

Can You Use a Meat Thermometer for Yogurt?

In short, yes. While to explain it a bit. It depends upon the range of the temperature that a thermometer is being calibrated for. So a thermometer having wide range of measurements can be used for multi recipe making in kitchen and outdoor as well.

That is why if you have meat thermometer working well with you, you don’t need to buy an extra thermometer just for the sake of making yogurt.

One thing is, if you needed thermometer for commercial usage or if your job is to make just yogurt, then I would suggest to go with thermometer that is specialized for yogurt making. So you don’t need to re calibrate it all the time for making different recipe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1- Can I Wash My thermometer?

It all depends upon IP67 guarantee, most of the thermometers do have it. So do read the description of the thermometer before buying, so you should know if it can be rinsed or not.

Otherwise, you have to clean it via dry cloths and wrap it in it.

2- What is the temperature range, and why is it mentioned in every description?

While making different recipes, you heat or cool a recipe to certain level. So to know of it you needed your tool to have it in its range. For example if you needed to bake bread for 15 minutes at like 60 degrees, then 60 degree must fall in temperature of your thermometer.

3- How to hold thermometer ?

Many of them comes with a clip. So you don’t need to hold it all the time. Just attach the clipper and look at the display.

While other don’t come with a clip, in that case you have to put the probe inside the container to have a temperature recordings.

Also Nubee infrared thermometer

4- How accurate do yogurt making thermometers need to be?

Yogurt making thermometers need to be highly accurate in order to produce consistent results. Look for a thermometer with an accuracy of +/- 1 degree Fahrenheit.

5-What is the best way to use a yogurt making thermometer?

For best results, place the thermometer in the pot of milk before you begin heating it. This will allow the thermometer to reach an accurate reading more quickly. Alternatively, you can also place the thermometer in the milk after it has been heated, but be sure to stir the milk well so that the thermometer is not sitting in a hot spot.

6- How much do yogurt making thermometers cost?

A:Yogurt making thermometers vary in price depending on features and quality. Basic models can start as low as $10, while more advanced models with additional features can cost up to $50.

7- Can we use Yogurt making thermometer for other cooking purposes ?

Yes, thermometers can also be used for other cooking tasks such as making candy or deep frying. However, you will want to make sure that you get a thermometer that is specifically designed for high temperatures if you plan on using it for these purposes.

8- Do we really need a thermometer for yogurt making ?

Yes, a thermometer is necessary for making yogurt. The milk needs to be heated to a specific temperature in order for the yogurt culture to thrive, and a thermometer will help you ensure that the milk reaches the correct temperature.

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Final Words

In this modern era, Man has worked a lot and invented many innovations. So getting benefit from it is another side of it. Thermometers having a lot of technology being used in it, like infrared based thermometers, with stainless steel probe, handy in use and waterproof claim, all of them in one tool is something that might be unbelievable for a man two decades ago.

Improve your indoor and outdoor cooking skills specifically yogurt making here with small gadgets. These gadgets makes you feel cool and develops interest in you.

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