UEI Infrared Thermometer inf165c Manual Instructions and Review 2024

Focus the laser beam and record the temperature of the spot. The scout series launch of INF165C 1 is an infrared based thermometer having range of its usage.

This suits best in diverse range of industry when you needed very quick results and that too for the extreme of measurements. It can cover the electrical, residential, automotive, marine and other such heavy industries. Even the simple workshop owner should have this for the routine work.

Features For UEI inf165c

User Manual : UEI Thermometer

˚C/˚F -button: to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius

Mode -button Select Emissivity (0.70, 0.95)

Hold trigger and press the Mode button to change laser visibility

Lock -button: Lock and Backlight

Polarity Indicator: Appears when measuring negative temperature

Numerical Display: Indicates measured temperature value

 Scale Icons: Indicate that either the Fahrenheit (˚F) or Celsius (˚C) scale is selected

 MAX: Displays maximum measured value in a series of recordings

 Battery Level, significant for low battery.

One of the model of UEI thermometer is ranked among top 10 of Best Hvac Thermometer that can be used professionally. 

Tips regarding thermometer use

1. Make sure the sensor is clean and free of obstructions on its way.

2. Hold the thermometer so that the sensor is pointing directly at the object you want to measure.

3. For best results, place the sensor on the surface of the object you want to measure.

4. Press and hold the trigger

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