Nubee NUB8550H Digital Infrared Thermometer Manual Instructions and Review 2024

The Nubee infrared thermometer comes with the wider range of temperature measurement. Which gives it sort of diversity in use. It can go for the maximum value that may be required in everyday work. Upper limit of measurements seems to be efficient even from 716 F to 1022 Fahrenheit. The maximum temp will be saved and can be seen on the screen. This feature is required when you want to have serial temperature measurements with the note of maximum temp scan in it.

We did included this model in the list of Best Thermometer for Yogurt making process review with complete buying guide.

It works for the minus temperature too, kicks off even at -50 Celsius / -58 Fahrenheit.  

Laser pointer makes the spot temperature much more accurate, surface to spot temperature accuracy ratio is 12:1, which simply means the laser point spot temperature measurement is way much accurate.

Where to use it

Its diverse range makes it feasible for much routine work. Want to measure fry pan temperature or the bbq grill one, want to measure the refrigerator item temperature or swimming pool temperature. All you need is this one temperature gun in your hand.

Specifications For Nubee Digital Forehead Thermometer



How to Replace the battery once it is over?

To change the battery on your Nubee NUB8550H Digital Infrared Thermometer, first remove the back cover by gently pressing down on the release tab. Next, use a small Phillips head screwdriver to remove the two screws holding the battery compartment in place. Finally, insert the new batteries according to the (+/-) markings inside the compartment, and replace the back cover.

Its very simple and use AAA cells to replace the battery.

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