OONI Infrared Digital Thermometer Manual Instructions and Review 2024

Fond of making pizzas ? You must have heard to oven it for 60 seconds at 400 degrees. How to make it sure the same temperature for the same time being written in the recipe. This can be done easily with laser gun pointed towards the pizza in making.

Infrared technology has made it far easier to measure the temperature for many things. OONI specialized thermometers are used for the outdoor grill and pizza.


ooni thermometer
Best thermometer for oven pizza

Accuracy is maintained till 150 cm of the distance, which is quite good for cooking related usage.Smaller the area of the food, closer should be the gun for better accuracy.

All the features of a normal digital thermometer are included in it. Like, display, easy switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit, wide range of measurement I.e -32 to 550 degree Celsius. Users think of it as an accessory for the OONI oven. Yes, it is. But it can be used for other purposes too, like outdoor bonfire, barbecue, or outdoor coal cooking.

OONI Infrared Digital Thermometer can be used to measure the temperature of an object or surface without coming into contact with it. This makes it ideal for measuring the temperature of hot surfaces or objects that are difficult to reach.

Features / Pros OONI


User Manual : OONI Oven Thermometer

  • After unboxing, you will see the main gadget.
  • Install the batteries 2AA, which are to buy separately.
  • Press the temperature trigger on the gadget thermometer.
  • One time pressing of it will make it turn on.
  • Point the thermometer towards the forehead and keep it in range of 8 cm.
  • Again press the same trigger, it will measure the temperature.
  • Check on the LED screen, it will show you the temperature.
  • No need to turn it off, it will go off itself after 60 seconds.
  • Make sure the lens in clean of dirt and other particles. Do it via blowing off the dirt, besides, brush it gently. 

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How to use the OONI Infrared Thermometer

To use the thermometer, simply point the sensor towards the object or surface you wish to measure and press the button on the front of the unit. The LCD screen will then display the temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

For more accurate readings, it is recommended that you take multiple measurements and average them together. When not in use, the OONI Infrared Digital Thermometer can be stored in its included case to keep it safe and protected

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