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Do you own a big green egg, and now want to add gadgets to add taste into your dishes. Yes, a thermometer is the first thing to have. Reviewing different gadgets look for the best thermometer which suits your needs and your big green egg. This will definitely be a helpful gadget for your kitchen. Some of them are diverse in usage, so you can use them along with other kitchen items too. Like grill, oven and other recipe making items where you needed temperature measurement along with the probe. 

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big green egg
Big Green Egg Thermometer

What if you want to rely on your experience in order to not buy a thermometer?

Some of the experts suggest you rely on your experience and don’t buy the thermometer. But here is the balanced suggestion for you. If you are new with a big green egg or new to cooking, then these gadgets will add taste to your food. Later on you wont be needing any such gadget, you will be able to observe it with perfection. But initially, in order to develop that much experience you needed to undergo a lot of experiments. In reaching that level, don’t spoil your taste, just go for it.

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1- Nutrichef Smart Thermometer for Big green Egg

Nutritech is listed among the best wireless thermometers which fit for the big green stove. It is a completely smart device, based on wireless connectivity. It connects through bluetooth to your phone and shows all the updates on the mobile phone. 

Multiple probes are set into it. It will measure the temperature continuously. Upon a change in temperature, it will notify you via mobile phone notification. So allow the push notification via bluetooth, it will be a lot helpful. You can set the desired range of temperature, reaching that reading will notify you quickly.

This setting of desired temperature is a nice feature of it. You can install the device from the very beginning of the cooking process and set it at a temperature like 300 F or what is required for you. Afterwards you may get busy with the recipe and all that. But it will notify you once your desired temperature is reached.

Temperature range is 480F, that too with multiple probes. Upto 6 probes can be measured at the same time.



2- Meater Plus Wireless Thermometer

Meater plus brings a complete wireless solution to monitor the temperature of what is cooking inside the big green. Set up the probes and connect it to the phone or tablet and see the display. Display will show you all the required details, that is of the temperature and duration of it.

Being a smart device, it gives a lot more options. Like you can set an alarm for the particular temperature. These custom alerts are very much useful, as sometimes one might get distracted and this alarm system will notify you if you reach a particular temperature.

It comes with a complete guide and estimator, like what time is required to reach a particular temperature, so your food tastes delicious after all. Use for making the meat or steaks and let us know what you experienced.

Waterproof and dishwasher safety allows for the diverse use in the kitchen, use it along many stoves types and ovens, you will find it lovely.

Probe comes with dual sensors, one for the meat and other for the superficial ambient temperature, and has a check on both.

Design is quite modern, with a 5.1 inches long probe. The range for the internal temperature measurement is 212 Fahrenheit while it can go upto 500 F for ambient temperature measurement.



3. Big Green Dual Probe Thermometer

Specifically designed for big green egg, it fits into it and is much easier to use. Wireless console system works till 300ft or 91 meter. Just set it inside the stove and see the temperature of the bbq meat from the distance thoroughly on wireless connection.

As a whole the temperature range is between 32 to 572 Fahrenheit, while you can custom alarm for a particular temperature. This feature is a must for the inside temperature measurement. As one may get distracted and can’t see the screen all the time. This alarm system will let you know when a particular temperature is reached.

Probe wires are resistant till 716 Fahrenheit, and are not recommended to use over this temperature.



4. GriAddict Charcoal Grill Thermometer for Big Green Egg

Easy to install on a big green egg with a clip that doesn’t even need an extra screw. This prevents the content from leaking out, so don’t worry about the gap. Probe is a bit extra large to have full dip access, this measures the temperature to the core.

Though it’s an analogue thermometer, dial behind a crystal clear lens, it is fog free, as in other thermometers which collect fog at the display.

Whole of the body is waterproof, which gives liberty in its use and cleanliness. 

With a long probe and wonderful temperature measuring capability, it is a sort of multi functional gadget, can be used for different stoves and grill operations. Another feature making it a perfect tool for diversity is its range of measurement, that goes upto 900 Fahrenheit. Upto 900F it can measure with much accuracy, so whatever setting requires you a thermometer, you can use a GriAddict charcoal thermometer.

A lot of people ask about the reflection of the dial, how much time does it take to actually measure the temperature? The answer is simply 4 seconds, don’t be worried about the slow rising dial of it. Once the probe is into the heat, the dial will lift itself quickly and will get to the point of actual temperature within seconds.

The dial also shows the measurement is Celsius as well, so if you are comfortable with the celsius then look at the gauge and match it with the celsius scale.



5. DOLAMOTY Thermometer for Big Green Egg

Another thermometer that got its rank into the top and best thermometer for big green egg is Dolamoty thermometer. The features are listed here.

It is very easy to install, dip the probe into the big green egg and clip will set it fixed. 

Dolamoty comes with a long range of measurement that goes upto 900 Fahrenheit, this gives you liberty to use for other purposes too. Whether it is a charcoal grill or meat steak preparation, this thermometer suits best for all the purposes of kitchen use.

Screen of the dial is fog free, no need to worry about the foggy screen that is to be wiped again and again in case of other thermometers. Just get it installed and read the measurements. While other parts are waterproof too, you can wash and clean any moment, without any fear of battery or wiring damage.



6. WEMEIKIT Accurate Thermometer Replacement for Big Green Egg Grills

No issues what type of big green egg you have, whether it is a small, medium or large one. This Wemeikit thermometer fits into all of them.

The dial shows the reading into Fahrenheit, but it measures accurately within seconds. Don’t judge the dial thermometer upon its old school look, the dial will reflect the temperature as soon as it gains it. The range goes from 150 F to 900 Fahrenheit, this range is good for measuring the temperature for different recipes. Like others, it is also a multi functional gadget and can be used with other kitchen items.

Stainless steel probe is very durable and can withstand very high temperatures as well. Overall the gadget is waterproof, no need to worry about its contamination with the curry or other recipe.



7. ThermoPro TP20 For Big green egg thermometer

The ThermoPro TP20 is a great choice for those who want to upgrade from the basic egg thermometer that came with their Big Green Egg. This unit has all the features you need to monitor temperature, time, and alarms, making it perfect for smoking meat or keeping an eye on food as it cooks. The backlit LCD screen makes it easy to read even in low light, and the wireless probes make it simple to check internal temperatures without opening the egg. The best part is that the TP20 is still very affordable, making it a great option for those on a budget.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the ThermoPro TP20 is a great choice for anyone who wants to get the most out of their Big Green Egg.

Specifications and features :

– Wireless probes: check internal temperature without opening the egg

– Backlit LCD screen: easy to read in low light conditions

– Affordable: great option for those on a budget

– Perfect for smoking meat or keeping an eye on food as it cooks.



How To choose the best thermometer for big green egg: Buying Guide

Look for these features while choosing the best thermometer gadget for your big green egg.

Easy to install

Big green egg comes with a specific design and system in which all of the random thermometers don’t fit in. You have to buy a thermometer with a probe, which fixes itself into the whole and there is a way out for recipe content or smoke.

Go with the thermometer which can be gripped around it very easily. Some of them come with a clip and others with the screw. Just see which one is easy to install and go with that.


Many thermometers among them are wireless. They don’t need your access close to the gadget. That’s way good. All you need is installation of the thermometer and then monitor it with your smartphone or tablet. These thermometers might cost you a bit. The solution to it is to go with other thermometers, which do not offer wireless functionality in it.

While in those analogue thermometers, which have glass screens. See if you can find fog free devices. Otherwise it is very hectic to wipe the screen every time you want to read it.

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Accuracy matters a lot, in all of the kitchen and cooking making process. Slight change in temperature will spoil the whole of the taste for you. Choose wisely the thermometer, which gives the reading instantly when heat is given to it.

Smart thermometers

A bit of it is explained under the display discussion as well. Smart thermometers are the ones with wireless functionality in it. There is an option to set a particular temperature or its range. Reaching tot that particular temperature, this will alarm you about the temperature. This is good in a sense that you won’t have to bother much about the temperature reading. Otherwise you have to look into reading again and again. Little distraction will make your food spoiled.

Final Words

Its good if to buy suitable and compatible thermometer for big green egg. Otherwise simple thermometers wont work for you. This will ease your burden while taste rest assured with your cooking skills.

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