How to use Safety-First Forehead Thermometer

The safety-first read forehead thermometer is a stress-free no-touch thermometer. Within just one second after pressing the button the temperature will display on the easy-to-read screen. If your baby has a high fever the fever light bar will glow up to indicate that the child has an elevated temperature of about 99.6 degrees Fahrenheit. For the parents that like to keep track of their child’s temperature, they can utilize this thermometer memory recall that will allow them to look back on the last 25 readings that were taken to process their child’s condition.

Step by step method to Measure Temperature With Safety 1st thermometer on forehead

  • Position the thermometer one inch from the center of the forehead or line up the LED dots directly on the child’s forehead.
  • When the dots are directly on one another this indicates that the thermometer is in the right position.
  • Now press the measure button. In just one second you will hear a beep that lets you know that the reading is complete.
  • A fever alert option tells if the temperature is normal or high.
  • It has also a mute button.

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Like if your child is taking the nap this forehead thermometer also has the function to use the backlight and mute the sound to take your child’s temperature while they are sleeping without waking them up. The auto shut-off feature will help conserve the battery life of the thermometer so you don’t have to make sure that it is turned off after every use.

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